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Standup Paddleboard is the Fastest Growing Sport in the World


We Fill All Options: Flat Water, Surf, Windsurf, Fishing, White Water, Hard, Inflatable


Standup Enhances Fun With Family & Friends!


Alden Rowing = Stable Fitness & Relaxation


Stohlquist Superior Clothing & Water Equipment


We Have Starboard Wind Surfing Excitement For Tennessee Or the Ocean


    Recreational Activities

    Recreational Activities is a division of Strones Enterprises Inc., a combat veteran owned small business. We started in New Mexico in 1989 as a dealer for Donzi and ProLine power boats and Mercury engines. In that role we sold many satisfied customers exceptional performance boats. We also supplied police and patrol boats to the State of New Mexico and military Special Forces. We recently moved to Tennessee and changed our operating name to RABBIT (Recreational Activities Boards Boats & Innovative Products) to reflect our current offerings. Our focus today is to supply ‘human powered’ water fun. We sell standup paddle and surf boards and equipment representing Boardworks; Starboard; and C4 Waterman. We also are the southeastern dealer for Alden rowing shells. Finally, we sell Stohlquist/Deep Sea recreational water wear products.

    At times we also feature other innovative products related to our primary focus. We participate in a big way in the three four-day weekend boat shows around Knoxville, TN. One is ‘The Boat Show’ at the Expo Center the last weekend in January and the first weekend of February, and finally the big show ‘The Downtown Boat Show’ at the Knoxville Convention Center in early March. In each event we have a super display of products. We also have options to try our products usually in the warmer time of the year, but we do cold weather also. Contact us for this option.

    Our business model is designed to provide information and to supply quality products at unusual prices.

    Why buy from us?

    We sell everything significantly below retail! We can do this because we have an efficient warehouse, and modern technology to communicate with you. We arrange delivery nationwide or we will deliver.

    We have looked at over twenty brands of products that manufacture and sell boards, boats, and water wear. I have tried out dozens of boards at manufacturer demos for retailers and I have selected the best in performance, cost, construction, service, and customer relations. The three companies we represent are clearly the best in the industry.

    Alden rowing shells have defined the rowing industry for four decades and Alden is termed ‘the company that invented recreational rowing’. Everything is made in Maine and represents US craftsmanship. Finally Stohlquist and its associated company Deep Sea are simply the best water gear for performance, comfort, and most importantly your safety.

    Every product we sell, I as the owner have used on the water. The boards I sell are the ones I personally recommend for use; the ones I would buy and use myself. We do not sell anything we have not tested and researched.

    One more thing, we provide honest answers and instruction about the sports we support, so we may tell you to purchase another product if it will better fit your needs. All of our customers realize what good customer service is all about, because we always ‘walk in your shoes’.

    So give us a chance to earn your business. You have my word you will be happy!

    Marty Strones, owner