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How To Order From Recreational Activities

Naturally if you are interested in a board, check out each brand we represent using the links below and select the board best matching your objective. If new to the sport you will want a board that is wide for stability. There are many types of boards such as hard boards and inflatables; short boards, wide boards, and long boards. Your weight, strength, height, and build will impact your proper selection.

If you want to use a board to fish, chances you will want a special board offered by Boardworks or Starboard. Different boards are made from different materials with carbon fiber boards unbelievably light and strong. There are also touring boards and racing models. It can get very complex when finding the right board, but it is very important to have the right board to make this a truly enjoyable experience. We have been selling boards for years and we know how to assist with the correct selection. You can always text, email, or call us at any phase of your research. Once you have decided on a specific board or equipment please send us an email or call, we will work together to finalize a selection and price.

Sometimes you know exactly the board and equipment you want and in this case just pop us an email or text or call and we can help you.

The same process is used for rowing shells, kayaks, surf skis, and any other product we represent

The Companies We Represent:
More Information About These Companies:

Boardworks, located in Southern California, has innovative and award winning Standup Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, and accessories. Their Raven is certainly one of the best performing and beautiful boards available, very light, fast, and stable. Boardworks inflatables are instant favorites with people who travel or have limited space. I use one whenever I travel in the car or on a plane. I just check the inflatable in as a 35lb. backpack with everything inside the supplied backpack, board, pump, and paddle. We supply these boards to the Marriott in Maui for their rental and instructional standup activities. Boardworks has several individual brands of boards to include the mentioned Raven, SHUBU inflatables, B-Ray, Super Natural, Wake SUP, Joy Ride, Mini Mod, Sirena, and Badfish. The Badfish is unique in that it was designed to run rivers, white water, and the line includes a fishing model.


Starboard is a division of Trident Sports in Vancouver, Canada. Starboard has an extensive group of Standup Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, and Wind Surfers. They are involved in all competitive events throughout the word involving boards. The company motto, ‘Changing Lives’ revolves around the fact that Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing sport in the world. It is actually changing the lives of people who love the water and water sports. They are involved at the cutting edge of equipment development in all aspects of this sport. The Starboard line involves the following categories: All Around; Wide Body; Compact Wave; Pro Wave; Race; Exploring; Fishing; and Ocean Rescue. Simply stated they have the most progressive boards in the industry. Their inflatable line is clearly the most extensive in the industry; addressing small children to individuals in the 300 pound range. Their Ace Racer holds many ‘first place’ finishes in sanctioned races and is certainly a very unique board. The Whopper is an outstanding stable board, give us five minutes and you are on the water enjoying this sport.

C4 Waterman

C4 Waterman is a Hawaiian company that has long been a leader in surfing. C4 philosophy is based on lifestyle that cherishes the Hawaiian value system of friendship and family. C4 stands for the core values of: Balance, Endurance, Strength, and Tradition. C4 was involved in the beginnings of standup surfing. In fact, one of the original C4 founders took me to the water and gave me the basic instructions and assisted me with my first paddleboard ride. C4 product line involves: Subnine Feathercore from 7’4” to 14’ performance boards to prone paddle boards. The C4 12’6” SwitchBlade is one of our favorite and most beautiful boards. When it comes to inflatables C4 has an expansive product line with two very unique features, their boards are rated at a higher pressure 14 to 17 psi than other boards and they have a unique fin system called the Cuttlefish that is a more effective way to attach multiple fins to inflatables only available with C4. C4 also has three very unique inflatable products: the SUPSQUATCH at 16’9 x 77.5” x 8” thick multiple person fun device; a Waterman iMat 6.5’ x 13.1 x 8 inch thick multi person fun device; plus the iBoatsled to extend off the transom of inboard and outboard boats.


Alden is regarded as the company that invented recreational rowing. Alden makes rowing shells in Maine that are stable, efficient, and fun to row. Alden shells are at home in waves or on flat water.


Anyone who plays in the water who values absolute quality in performance and durability will understand the reason to own and use Stohlquist water equipment. When it really counts you will know you have the absolute best researched, constructed product available, period.


Sunnto is the most advanced watch in the world when it comes to sports and adventure. From Finland, Suunto has all levels of sports related devices ranging from GPS, heart monitor, marine, multi=functional wrist computers. These watches don’t iron your clothes, but they do track elements impacting the world around you to include storm warnings, barometric pressure, temperature, altitude, sunrise, and timing situations, and more.


We have searched many sun protection products and Cotz products we feel are excellent; we use them ourselves! Cotz is 100% free of chemical ingredients which absorb UVA and UBV rays therefore heating the skin causing damage. There are no fragrance, oils or stinging when using this product. Cotz sits on top of the skin and reflects both UVA and UVB rays before they can damage, age, and spot the skin.


Sunology is another product we have researched and used to naturally protect skin in a ‘natural way’. Sunology uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to reflect the sun’s rays. This method of protection, reflecting the sun is unlike chemical active ingredients which absorb into the skin. Sunology contains vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, and Omega 6 and Omega 9 oils.


If you want to do exercise similar to paddleboard but on land or you want a new efficient transportation device choose a Kahuna board. Called ‘Land Paddling’ Kahuna invented the Kahuna Big Stick which has changed longboard use forever. The board and the big stick will give you an epic to insane upper body and center core total workout. This gives you the sweetest and challenging ride on land. We love the ride and the positive impact on balance and fitness.